CIMIC Group is committed to operating sustainably. Leveraging our world of experience and expertise, we integrate our environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments into decision-making. 

This ensures we are positioned to deliver enduring, whole-of-life value to communities and ecosystems across the lifecycle of assets, infrastructure and resources projects. 

We are also building and evolving our business. Operating sustainably enables us to improve our efficiency, grow revenue, increase profitability, and to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. 

ESG Pillars

Environmental commitments

In recognition of climate imperatives, we are taking action on decarbonisation and climate resilience.

We are improving our delivery of sustainable solutions by investing in innovation, digitisation and collaborative research partnerships. 

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UGL renewables

Social commitments

Our workplaces are dynamic and continually changing as we deliver for asset, infrastructure and resources projects. 

We put the safety of our people first. And we are committed to building diverse, inclusive and respectful workplaces where everyone can contribute their best, significantly expanding our potential to innovate and improve operational performance, productivity and safety.

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Breaking gender stereotypes in construction

Governance commitments

At the core of our commitment to sustainability is being a trusted partner to clients, partners, suppliers, communities and wider stakeholders. 

Our sustainability approach is anchored in our Mission and Principles. Our Board, its committees and our governance framework, including our Code of Conduct and policies support, drive and track our sustainability approach and performance.

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Evolving our business

We are supporting the growing renewable energy market by investing in renewables, delivering and operating renewable projects, and supporting clients’ integration of renewable energy into the grid.

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Sedgman awarded C$318M EPC contract for Artemis Gold's Blackwater Gold Project

Measuring our success

The 2022 Sustainability Report presents our latest environmental, social and governance strategy, management approach and performance metrics for the period 1 January to 31 December 2022.

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