Ethics Line

Our principles of integrity, accountability, innovation and delivery – underpinned by safety – are integral to our approach to business. They form the basis of our Code of Conduct, which sets the standard of behaviour we expect from all our employees, sub-contractors and partners.

We encourage our employees, sub-contractors and partners to voice their concerns should they come across potentially unethical practices. People who speak up in good faith will be supported by the CIMIC Group for doing the right thing.

In some circumstances people will prefer to speak to someone other than their manager about their ethical questions or concerns. The Ethics Line provides another way for our employees, sub-contractors and partners to raise issues and have them investigated and remain anonymous should they wish to.

Our employees, sub-contractors and partners are encouraged to contact the Ethics Line if they are concerned that something doesn’t add up.

What is it?

The Ethics Line is a confidential way for employees, sub-contractors and partners to voice their concerns should they come across potentially unethical practices. It is an independent service operated by Stopline, Australia’s leading provider of disclosure management services.

It is staffed by highly trained consultants who are able to access a comprehensive interpreter service covering all the regions where we operate and languages our people speak.

What kinds of things might be reported?

Examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • Fraud, theft or misuse of company assets
  • Bribery, corruption, illegal behaviour or wrong-doing
  • Victimisation.

Will I be identified?

All reports made to this service are treated confidentially and you can remain anonymous if you wish to.

Will I be disadvantaged?

A person who makes a report in good faith will not be disadvantaged as a result of their report.

How can I reach the Ethics Line?

The Ethics Line can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the website or:

Operating Company Contact information
CIMIC Group Limited, Leighton Properties, Pacific Partnerships and EIC Activities

T1 +61 3 9811 3260
Free call21300 815 612


T1+61 3 9811 3261
Free call21300 844 377


T1+61 3 9811 3265
Free call2 1300 627 951


Free call   1300 413 999^

CPB Contractors

T1+61 3 9811 3262
Free call1300 817 574

Leighton Asia

T1 +61 3 9811 3275

1 A reverse call charge can be made by calling through the local country telephone operator. If located outside of Australia, employees should use this number and reverse the charges.

2 Australia only.

^ This number works both inside and outside of Australia.

You can also contact the Ethics Line via the online disclosure form, post or fax. For details visit the Stopline website.

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