Ukhaa Khudag coal project

South Gobi Desert
  • Coal
Enrestechnology (a subsidiary of Mongolian Mining Corporation)
4 years

Sedgman worked with Enrestechnology (ER) to build a coal processing plant to service a resource 400 km from anywhere in the middle of one of the world’s harshest environments – the South Gobi Desert.

This challenging engineering design, procurement and construction management (EPCM) project resulted in Mongolia’s first coal handling and preparation plant (CHPP). The project was delivered over four years, working with our client to meet diverse challenges including minus 40 degree temperatures and frequent wind and dust storms.

The CHPP comprises three 900 t/h processing modules implemented in separate stages and a single product handling system. Our modular concept is ideal for multiphase implementation.

The advanced plant design is a customised solution to maximise the coking coal product yield. Fully automated and computerised with the latest control system, the plant features controlled and sequenced start-ups and shutdowns which results in less maintenance and minimises operating costs.

Close work with ER and successful delivery resulted in Sedgman being awarded the CHPP operational readiness and early operations contracts to assist with training, establish proven operating systems and procedures, and subsequently manage the operation and local labour for UHG Module 1. This operation was successfully handed over to ER in 2012.

Excellent safety records were achieved including two million hours lost time injury (LTI) free. Sedgman was awarded an Australian Engineering Excellence award for the project in 2012. The completed 15 Mt/a plant services one of the larger coking coal mines in the world.

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