Anti-corruption, anti-bribery

We are committed to abiding by all applicable national and international laws, free and fair competition and avoiding any anti-competitive conduct.

CIMIC prohibits, and has zero tolerance for, all forms of bribery and corruption, including facilitation payments.

Our governance framework and Code of Conduct support our actions to prevent, identify and eliminate bribery and corruption and maintain ethical business practices.

These include regular Code of Conduct training with our people.

We do not make political donations, and none have been made, either directly or in-kind, to political organisations, political parties, politicians, trade unions or conduits to political parties since 2014.

Code of Conduct training 

Code of Conduct training supports our people to identify and report on potentially unethical practices.

The mode of training varies based on where employees are located and their role in the organisation.

Staff complete an online training module and wages employees complete a face-to-face module as part of induction. Where online training is not available, training is provided by alternative delivery methods (such as via video or paper).

Supporting and protecting whistleblowers 

Open communication is key to maintaining our Code of Conduct. We encourage our employees, subcontractors and partners to voice their concerns should they come across any potentially unethical practices – including corruption, bribery, and human rights infringements.

Ethics Line, our grievance and reporting mechanism is accessible, confidential and responsive.

Whistleblowers can remain anonymous and all disclosures may be referred to the authorised Business Contact Representative who ensures that any disclosure is investigated appropriately, promptly and confidentially.

The Workplace Protection Officer is also responsible for safeguarding the interests of any whistleblower within the organisation.

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