CMET Braces for Emergency Braking

June 02, 2023
  • Safety

CMET took safety exercises to a new level recently by testing out its emergency braking with staff and members from Transport Canberra travelling inside a light rail vehicle (LRV).


This controlled exercise occurred as part of CMET’s monthly Safety and Sustainability Inspection. It involved an LRV travelling at a slow speed – 10kmph – and the driver suddenly applying the emergency brake. Even at low speed the participants were surprised at the force of the unexpected stop.  


“Even though I was prepared for the brake, I was surprised at the jolt even at low speed,” Rebecca, from Transport Canberra, said. 


Approximately 13 people took part in the exercise. 


While no injuries were sustained it served as a reminder of what can happen when drivers need to respond in a real emergency on the network and passengers don’t hold on. 


Following on from the successful emergency trial, the exercise will soon be incorporated into CMET secondary school Depot Tours as part of CMET’s broader safety campaign to remind school students on the importance of holding on while the LRVs are in motion.


CMET is continually looking at ways of improving customer safety and enhancing community engagement. In developing a hands-on, interactive exercise, CMET believes this approach will cut through and resonate more with customers, in this case students.  


This highlights UGL’s and our partner’s safety-first approach.

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