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November 30, 2022
  • Construction and commissioning

UGL’s power generation team has reached a significant milestone by constructing the first of approximately 300 Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles that will hold sturdy foundations for turbines, ancillary buildings, tanks, and vital pieces of infrastructure for the Hunter Power Project (HPP), commissioned by Snowy Hydro Limited.

To construct the first CFA pile, the UGL project team drilled a 20-metre-deep hole, pumped concrete through a tremie (hollow stem) to fill the cavity as the auger was removed, and immediately installed a steel reinforcement cage into the fluid concrete, making for one sturdy underground column. The team is constructing 56 of these piles that will hold the massive 1,386 m3 (11m x 36m x 3.5m) slab in place as the foundation for the first of two turbines in this power station. 
UGL team on the hunter power project onsite constructing Continuous Flight Auger
The first turbine is expected to arrive at the port of Newcastle by November 2022.
“We are enthusiastic about reaching this very important milestone in the project as we steadily ramp up activities on site. We are pleased to work with Snowy Hydro to play a part developing this plant and to support the local community by creating direct and indirect job opportunities in the industry.” UGL HPP Project Director David Benson.

Suppliers can register an interest for the project through the Industry Capability Network (ICN). Alternatively, they can send an email to and provide their capability information for any future work that may be available on the project.



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