Engaging differently during COVID-19

May 28, 2020
  • People and community

Our community team is staying connected and keeping our community partners informed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


This includes supporting our national partners, the Clontarf Foundation, to ensure they continue to achieve positive educational, economic and societal outcomes.

Social Performance Manager Anthea Craig highlighted the importance of working with community stakeholders to help identify and address impacts to their service delivery.

“The socio-economic impact of the pandemic will be extensive, and our ongoing support of the Clontarf Foundation remains critical to helping young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men stay engaged with their education,” Anthea said.

It’s of course been a difficult time so it’s encouraging to hear how Clontarf academies are innovating and adapting their program to stay connected with students attending school and studying at home.”

Thiess Executive General Manager – Australia & Pacific Abdul Jarrah recently participated in the first virtual partners quiz hosted by the Clontarf Foundation.
“I shared a video message with two Queensland academies following a quiz they had completed about Thiess,” Abdul said.

“The boys did a great job and I was proud to see how much the Clontarf champions the work of their partners, as well as ensuring the students learn about the different industries that operate in Australia.”

Clontarf is continuing to explore new and creative ways to connect and communicate with their students. Some of their initiatives include:

  • Focused support - Where possible year 11 and 12 students are encouraged to attend their Clontarf academy to learn how to use new technology. The students will then be able to engage with their teachers through regular phone and video conversations.
  • Wellbeing – The Clontarf staff remain focused on connecting students with employment, leadership and physical activity. Some academies have implemented virtual morning training to help provide consistency in their morning routine.
  • Essential support – Clontarf academies are supporting their students by delivering food and stationery to their home after virtual training sessions. This ensures the boys are fuelled with the energy and resources they need to keep learning.
  • Alumni support – Former Clontarf students who have been stood down during the COVID-19 pandemic have been able to connect with academy employment officers who are supporting them by upskilling through online courses and engaging with Centrelink services.
  • Acts of service – Some Clontarf academies have started ‘Housework Heroes’ and ‘Good Bloke Actions’ campaign to encourage the young men to keep focused on making meaningful contributions to their community and demonstrating leadership.
  • Clontarf ‘Stay at Home’ challenges – Academies across Australia has been preparing challenges to help keep their student engaged. A recent challenge encouraged students to prepare one healthy meal per week for their family. The points were awarded based on nutritional value, creativity and family feedback.

Learn more about Thiess’ Clontarf partnership here.

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