Reaching new heights in safety

April 24, 2020
  • Upgrades and overhauls
  • Safety

At Barquito, in northern Chile, Sedgman is upgrading a 60-year-old copper concentrate port.   


Site works began before Christmas 2019, with demolition of two sixty-year-old conveyor trestles, each measuring over 18m high and 120 tonnes. The conveyor trestles joined the original stockpile conveyor, shiploader and gallery conveyor, all built in the 1960s. All the original components are to be removed as the first stage of the plant upgrade.   

The trestles were dismantled first by using a diamond-dusted cutting line to cut the trestle into manageable 20-tonne pieces. These pieces were then lowered to ground level, where jack-hammers were used to reduce the structures to rubble for removal.  

Chilean demolition specialist worked under Sedgman’s direction and were guided by Sedgman’s strong emphasis on safety  

The Chile team are well placed to manage this demolition, having received an excellent score card in the annual Chilean government safety audit for their three years recordable injury free. Well done to the team in Santiago! 

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