Smart Lifesaver Robot-a safe and rapid rescue solution

April 03, 2023
  • Innovation
  • Safety
Leighton Asia’s Boardwalk Underneath Island Eastern Corridor (IEC) Joint Venture has successfully launched and implemented a smart water-based rescue technology “Smart Lifesaver Robot”, marking its first application to a construction project in Hong Kong.

The Smart Lifesaver Robot supports our emergency team for safe and rapid marine rescue. The benefits include:

  1. Ability to reach difficult locations, such as shallow water zones, and narrow waterways between pile caps, more easily than standard rescue vessels.
  2. Can be deployed and reaches people at risk quickly.
  3. Rescuer can operate the robot on land with a remote control during adverse weather or strong current.

Our project is continuously breaking new ground in industry innovation, reflecting our strong commitment to supporting the construction industry to boost speed, safety and productivity. We hope that other projects of similar nature can see the benefits and potential it brings to operational safety at the site.

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