Encouraging girls to consider a career in construction

March 17, 2023
  • People and community

Leighton Asia’s Women in Construction and Engineering Group had its first collaboration with Inspiring Girls Singapore to organise a visit for a group of students from the Nanyang Girl’s High School (NYGH) to visit the North-South Corridor Project Information Centre (PIC).

The visit kicked off with a short sharing from the Project Director of N103, Mr Thomas Roussos and was followed by the Association of Women in Construction Singapore (AWiCS) on women working in the construction industry. The students then had a chance to experience a virtual drive-through via a Computer Aided Virtual Environment (CAVE). 


The girls were also given the chance to have a glimpse of the daily tasks at Leighton Asia’s North-South Corridor N103 project site office.

Some of the students' positive feedback included:

“It was a great opportunity for us to learn about the works of a construction project. I can feel the passion, professionalism and effort of the project members from their work!”
“The company is very welcoming, and their female staff are generous in sharing their personal stories.”
“It’s very inspiring to see drawings of a project come to life. It is very motivating!”


The visit is a good start to foster further collaboration with local schools to encourage more girls to consider a career in construction. It won’t be an overnight change, but we will continue to nurture young minds to show them that embarking on a career in construction is a real possibility.

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