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As a leading international contractor, Leighton Asia is actively adopting digital engineering throughout the entire project cycle to enhance operational efficiency and offerings.

Our pioneering application of digital twins, automation and Artificial Intelligence were recently featured in the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services’ report on “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Automation for Return on Investment in Innovation (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Sector)”.

By integrating the multitude of data captured, we can conduct complex analysis and share with our teams so they can collaborate and make data-based decisions more quickly to improve the efficiency, safety and quality of our operations.

Digital twins bring ideas to life

A digital twin begins with a dynamic Building Information Modelling of what has to be built.

By integrating a project’s multiple workflows and progress data into the model, the project team can use the model to visualise reporting.

Then, they can use simulation and machine learning to help decision making, improve efficiency, and reduce rework.

When construction is completed, the digital twin is invaluable for operations and maintenance across the asset’s life.


Saving lives with Artificial Intelligence

In partnership with the Advanced Science and Technology Research Institute and Nexplore, Leighton Asia has developed a plant proximity camera that uses artificial intelligence and computer vision technology.

The award-winning solution is tailor-made for the construction industry. It improves safety and productivity by enhancing plant operators’ confidence and issuing alerts to workers that enter restricted areas. 


Read more about our Group approach to innovation and Integrated Digital Delivery. 

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