Making a positive difference to the beaches and the sea

August 23, 2022
  • People and community
This year Leighton Asia’s Caring Team in Hong Kong went underwater to remove trash that litters the bottom of the sea in Sharp Island, Sai Kung.

As an active member of the Construction Industry Sports and Volunteering Program, Leighton Asia continues to support the industry’s Shoreline Clean-up Day to make a difference.

The Shoreline Clean-up Day is one of the annual signature events in the “Lo Pan Service Month” to spread the goodwill of Master Lo Pan, as well as to encourage a volunteering culture in the construction industry.

Ten staff with diving licenses went underwater to remove marine debris.

Over 25 staff and their family members removed a total of over 30 bags of debris, plastic packaging, styrofoam, fishing nets, microplastics and other trash.

Every piece of rubbish removed makes a difference. The clean-up is not only for the direct environmental outcomes, but also to raise awareness about how daily behaviors can unintentionally impact the ecosystem and our lives.

Thank you to all our volunteers and their family and friends who made an effort to preserve the beauty of the Hong Kong shoreline.

Leighton Asia Underwater & Coastal clean up
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