Team in Hong Kong Spreading Warm and Care

July 20, 2019
  • People and community

In July, members from Leighton Asia visited the Wan Chai Home for the Elderly cum Day Care Centre to meet with the residents for a variety of activities and games.

Recent statistics from the Hong Kong Government revealed that the city has an increasing ageing population. It remains vital to provide ample opportunities for the elderly population to engage with the community, and also facilitate an environment for the whole community to show their warmth and compassion.

Our team is proud to be making a difference and foresees that more volunteers will join this cause going forward.

We are also encouraged and motivated by the recognition we have received from the community. In July, our efforts through The Community Chest’s Corporate Volunteer Matching Scheme was commended at the Chest’s Corporate and Employee Contribution Programme 2018/19 Award.

We are grateful to our employees, family and friends who joined our previous community activities and will continue our operations with a strong focus on corporate social responsibility.

Spreading Warm

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