Supporting students to build lifelong ambition

December 13, 2019
  • People and community
In Hong Kong, Leighton Asia’s team members are mentoring local youth in the ‘Life Buddies’ Scheme, a programme established by the Hong Kong Government. 

Established in 2015, the scheme aims to promote mentoring youth, to assist them to better plan for their future. The current batch of mentees joined the programme in September 2019, and are expected to continue participating until July 2020.

During the first session, eight Leighton Asia mentors met with 10 mentees at a local school for an ice-breaking exercise involving games and group discussions.

With eyes wide open to the possibilities, both mentors and mentees discovered mutual strengths and synergies on which to build life-long inspiration.

The group had also visited Leighton Asia’s Knowledge and Skills training centre and experienced some of the trainings for our  frontline workers in person.

Looking ahead, various career-focused mentoring events will be planned for the students. Our mentors will continue to share their knowledge and experience to inspire students to develop in their career aspirations.

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