CPB Contractors wins at the MTIA Annual Health and Safety Awards

November 11, 2022
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CPB Contractors won three categories at the Victorian Government’s Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA) Annual Health and Safety Awards, celebrating the innovative safety methods implemented on WestGate Tunnel and M80 projects. 

The awards provide important industry recognition for proactive health and safety practices, initiatives, and innovations that are trialled and/or implemented on MTIA projects.

The Managing Director of CPB Contractors, Jason Spears, said:

“In the construction industry safety is something we never stop thinking about. Our people have a right to go home safely every day and there is always more to do, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our safety culture.”

“I am exceptionally proud to see CPB Contractors receive this recognition from the MTIA."

“Our culture of continuous improvement has been created through the sharing of our innovations, and as a major contractor with dozens of projects in delivery and thousands of supply chain partners in Australia and New Zealand, the lessons we learn will benefit the entire industry.”

“The MTIA supported us by allowing trials of these innovations on their projects. They saw the merits and benefits of these innovations and worked with us to trial something new.”

The awards won by CPB Contractors were:

  • Winner – Program Wide Award – A jackhammer dust suppression spray unit that uses a conical fine water spray. Fitted to the jackhammer and using domestic water pressure, the unit kept dust concentrations below the Australian occupational exposure standard.
  • Winner – Delivery Award – Working safely at height using a mobile platform to provide edge protection to workers during Super T post-production inspections. The platform travels along the length of the Super T, providing a fully enclosed work area.
  • Winner – MTIA Director General’s Health and Safety Innovation Award – An Automated Cone Truck was designed and the prototype trialled on M80 to reduce manual handling and risks associated with traffic management. It reduces the need for road workers to enter high-risk live traffic environments by retrieving traffic cones automatically, stopping road workers from having to manually place and remove the cones.
  • High Commendation – Program-Wide Award – A simple and cost-effective initiative for reducing the risk associated with people and plant interaction on site, blue beacons were fitted to excavators to reduce risks related to people/plant interactions, with the beacons only activated once the excavator has ceased operation, indicating to nearby workers it is safe to enter the Plant Operating Zone.
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