CPB Contractors deploys Intelligent Earthworks

August 10, 2021
  • Innovation

Realtime data is transforming how we manage earthworks operations.

Realtime data is transforming how we manage earthworks operations.

To improve productivity on earthworks projects, CPB Contractors is using software that provides a real-time view of the sites from anywhere across Australia. 

Team members can see live production metrics for bulk-earthworks operations. 

Dave Richey, CPB Contractors Group Manager Survey, says that improved visibility over earthworks production means that issues can be quickly addressed.

“There are many factors that can influence the efficiency of earthworks on site, and failure to manage these appropriately can result in delays and cost variances. By improving the visibility of earthworks production performance, we can identify issues and respond effectively.” 

The technology is also reducing the amount of manual, paper-based work that project staff would conventionally need to complete at the end of each day.

Chris Richardson, Principal - Delivery Technologies at fellow CIMIC Group company EIC Activities, participates in the CPB Contractors’ National Survey Working Group and supports the development and implementation of the intelligent earthworks initiative.

“Engineers and experienced team members from across the business can now collaborate from anywhere in Australia. We can overlay the design on actual production results in near real time to collaboratively strategise on improving progress and production, and make sure we’re delivering against design.”

According to Damon McLean, CPB Contractors Group Manager Innovation, the use of cloud-based computing to process survey-accurate drone imagery allows engineers to visualise design in context and view near real-time progress. This drives collaborative planning and introduces significant efficiencies into the day-to-day engineering and survey tasks.

“We’re using automation to reduce administrative tasks and equip our people with powerful tools to improve performance.” 

“Our objective is to innovate to solve problems within our priority areas of engineering, project management and sustainability. The best innovations are repeatable, scalable, and focussed on where they can have the greatest impact.” 



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