#BalanceforBetter on International Women’s Day

March 09, 2019
  • Diversity and inclusion
Every year, teams across the CIMIC Group gather together to mark International Women’s Day to raise awareness of gender bias, celebrate women's achievement and take action for gender equality.

This year's theme is #BalanceforBetter – supporting gender balance in all aspects of society: from gender balance in the media and sports coverage to gender balance in the workplace and the board room.


At CIMIC, we seek greater gender balance in our workplaces every day by improving how we attract, retain and develop women at all levels. 

We’re taking a holistic approach to gender and pay equity, looking at our processes, systems and structures, and challenging and engaging our people on the underlying reasons for inequality.

This includes addressing the challenges associated with relatively small numbers of women entering the engineering trades and professions and ensuring women are represented across diverse areas and in leadership roles.

Across our businesses we have programs that aim to address this challenge, such as the Sisters in Mining program, Xplore for success, the Emerging Female Leaders Program and our award-winning graduate program.


A balanced world is one where women and men receive equal pay for equal work. And at CIMIC we believe that there are no circumstances in which men and women should be paid differently to do like for like roles.

That means, when all else is equal, such as years of experience and position, we’re committed to making sure our male and female employees receive equal pay. 

We use regular company-wide pay equity reviews to proactively close pay gaps based solely on gender, supported by initiatives such as unconscious bias awareness training to empower equitable decision-making.


This year what will you do for International Women’s Day? How will you #BalanceforBetter?

International Women's Day 2019 #BalanceforBetter #IWD2019
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