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INTEGRA® is UGL’s state-of-the-art Operations Management and Asset Optimisation Platform. 


Our challenge was to create a solution for infrastructure owners and operators that could provide them with efficient control of the integrated digital systems that drive performance and maintenance of assets such as tunnels, motorways, rail, utilities, renewables and new energy, defence, and smart cities.


The INTEGRA platform monitors and controls asset functions such as usage volumes, surveillance, security, energy usage, electronic signage, lighting levels, ventilation quality, environmental management, and communications.


The platform’s graphical interface supports control room management, providing granular reporting, configuration, control, alarm management and analytics which improve safety, operational efficiency, pre-emptive maintenance, incident response, and productivity gains. 

Its environmental monitoring and energy management capabilities further support clients in meeting their ESG goals and net-zero emissions targets.

INTEGRA also meets client requirements for supportability, maintainability, and interoperability throughout the entire life of the asset. The platform is scalable and is updated annually, with new features and capabilities delivered incrementally. Tailored solutions are developed in collaboration with clients.

INTEGRA’s power to integrate systems is demonstrated in the following use case for the smart infrastructure sector where the platform brings together control of:

  • Internet of things (IoT) platform
  • Ventilation, drainage, HVAC, MVAC, electrical management
  • Public Wi-Fi, networks
  • Infrastructure and mobility management
  • Building management
  • Data communications
  • Environmental management
  • Security & access control
  • Parking infrastructure
  • Intelligent lighting control
  • Utilities management.

Learn more about INTEGRA here

Watch our video to see Integra in action below.
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