Integrated Digital Delivery at Hong Kong airport

  • Construction and commissioning
  • Digital engineering
  • Innovation
  • Transport

Leighton Asia’s digital capability is driving safe efficient delivery of the foundation and substructure works at Hong Kong International Airport’s Terminal 2 expansion.


Our challenge on the Terminal 2 expansion project was to enhance project safety, efficiency and quality performance, supporting the global aviation hub’s successful expansion.


Innovative digital solutions implemented at scale on the airport site have included automation, a digital twin, and simulation to optimise outcomes.

Automation – improving ground investigation accuracy and efficiency

The team automated the project’s geotechnical design and validation process by creating a ground-investigation database and script to generate BIM surfaces. This automates comparison of the design against the actual ground conditions, and generates drawings. The solution saves time, improves accuracy, and enables more team members to visualise the work and collaborate.

Digital twin – streamlining operations

To streamline onsite operations, the team created a digital twin – a dynamic BIM model of what had to be built. The project’s different teams integrated their workflows into the digital twin, inputting data as the project progressed. Advancing on the traditional approach of locking data into spreadsheets and 2D drawings, the team uses the model to collaborate on change management, improve efficiency and reduce rework.

Simulation – validating construction methodologies and mitigating safety risks

To verify the feasibility of construction and mitigate safety risks, the project developed Construction Method Simulations (CMS).

Leveraging the digital twin, CMS generates animated snapshots of a sequence of construction methods. The animations enable engineering and operations teams to view the site in 3D, and collaboratively validate methodologies for constructability, and mitigate safety risks before commencing work.


Successfully implementing the solutions at scale has demonstrated their benefits for future projects, supporting Leighton Asia’s ongoing digitisation.

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