Resource efficiency

Sound environmental management

CIMIC Group respects the diverse and sensitive regions and environments in which we work. 

Environmental management is integral to our safe, sustainable and efficient operations.

 We use a comprehensive, systematic and consistent approach to identifying and controlling environmental hazards and risks, and monitoring our environmental performance. Our approach helps us prevent or mitigate and remediate environmental impacts across the lifecycle. We aim to continually improve and innovate to increase resource efficiency and reduce waste, lowering costs, creating greater value and benefitting the environment.

Our environmental sustainability commitments are to:

  • Prevent the incidence, and mitigate the impact, of any pollution to air, water or land
  • Use energy efficiently, reduce energy intensity, use renewables when efficient to do so and minimise greenhouse gas emissions
  • Use resources efficiently, encourage recycling and take a lifecycle approach to reducing waste
  • Minimise water usage and implement opportunities for water efficiency and recycling
  • Continually innovate to improve the efficiency of resources used and reduce their impact on the environment and society
  • Minimise disturbances and avoid impacts on habitats and ecology, and promote biodiversity
  • Increase resilience to climate risks by undertaking risk assessments, and by designing and adapting activities to respond to potential and actual impacts. 

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