Our capabilities

Our family of industry leaders is proven across diverse disciplines, sectors and environments.

What sets us apart is the way we integrate our world of experience and expertise, across our group and wider network, to develop future-ready solutions and deliver enduring, whole-of-life value. We apply our collective skills to each client’s objectives to amplify insights and achieve the best outcomes.  

Our end-to-end capability and financial strength drive technical and operational certainty across each project’s lifecycle.  

Through our brands, we provide engineering-led, integrated, lifecycle solutions for assets, infrastructure and resources projects. These are underpinned by a core, shared capability in project facilitation. Our people are leaders in connecting clients with unmatched engineering solutions, driving value through disciplined project management including the effective management of large, diverse workforces, providing direct investment solutions through Pacific Partnerships, and optimising project cost management through plant and equipment supply.

 Our collective experience spans sectors such as aviation, building, defence and security, education, health, resources, ports, power and energy, transport, tunnelling and water. Within these, our capabilities deliver the full spectrum of services, from feasibility, design, planning and investment; to manufacturing and construction; to operations, maintenance, upgrades and asset management; to rehabilitation and decommissioning.


Industries and communities rely on critical assets every day. For industries, this can span everything from major plant to facilities and operations to fundamentals such as water and power supply. 

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For communities, this includes the key services needed to support daily life, health and wellbeing, such as water, power, transport and social infrastructure. This includes renewable energy solutions for superior environmental value and efficiency. We give assets a performance advantage and provide better end-user experiences.

Our teams start with the end in mind, connecting clients with advanced expertise across a project’s lifecycle, including design, construction, manufacturing, upgrades and overhauls, asset management and maintenance. For example, on Melbourne Water’s Western Treatment Plant Stage 2, CPB Contractors and UGL are integrating world-class design and construct and expert operations and maintenance capabilities for advanced environmental outcomes.


Our societies live and grow amid a network of infrastructure that keeps us moving, productive, safe, inspired and enabled. 

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From cutting-edge transport systems to state-of-the-art buildings to industrial operations, the competitive advantage of companies, communities and countries is shaped by their capacity, capability and connectedness. We create infrastructure with future generations in mind.

We place stakeholder needs at the heart of design, construction and commissioning works, and deliver with an operations and maintenance mindset that considers the long-term. For example, on Transport for NSW’s Sydney Metro Northwest Operations, Trains and Systems PPP, CPB Contractors, UGL, Pacific Partnerships and EIC Activities are combining their strengths to deliver Australia’s first driverless metro-style rail line through to ongoing operations.


Daily life is powered by the resources sector. It is critical to development and progress. However, despite its central importance, the resources sector demands unmatched efficiency and continual fine-tuning to be competitive.

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It also faces ongoing change, whether through the introduction of advanced technologies such as automation, or through advances in environmental sustainability. We unlock resources for maximum productivity and output.

Our clients leverage our decades of experience and learnings to fast-track success, across feasibility, planning, operations and maintenance, processing, rehabilitation and decommissioning. For example, on Jellinbah Group’s Lake Vermont, Thiess and Sedgman continue to offer total mining solutions via a world-class operation and state-of-the-art coal handling and preparation plants – building on a long-standing relationship to create new value.

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