Working with integrity is fundamental to how we do business at CIMIC Group. Unfortunately, there are occasions when third parties, unrelated to CIMIC Group, falsely represent our business.

Fraudulent activities may include recruitment fraud or sophisticated email scams, which aim to trick or mislead unsuspecting individuals.

Recruitment fraud

All career opportunities with CIMIC follow a formal recruitment process and are managed through the careers page of our website.

CIMIC does not send unsolicited job offers, charge recruitment fees or request payment as part of our recruitment process.  Warning signs of recruitment fraud include:

  • Requests for fees such as visa/immigration fees, travel expenses or payments to progress to the next stage in the recruitment process
  • Requests for personal information, including bank account, passport or credit card details via email
  • Emails or documents that include poor grammar, spelling or formatting
  • Unsolicited emails offering jobs or relocation assistance
  • Emails sent from free website providers (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Google)
  • Emails requesting that job applicants purchase equipment.

If you have received an email like this, we recommend you report it to your local authorities and any relevant job website.

Email scams

CIMIC does not send unsolicited emails asking for personal or confidential details.

Phishing emails that appear to be from a legitimate business such as CIMIC, may contain company logos, but are scam emails.

They often contain attachments containing viruses or links to a fraudulent copy of our website. Do not open such attachments or click on a link, and never provide any personal information to a source you don’t know.

What we can do

We are working with all our partners to continuously improve our security systems.  However, we cannot eliminate targeted attacks and it is important to remain vigilant and take the time to carefully review requests for information. If you suspect an email you received to be fraudulent, please send it to cimic@cimic.com.au.

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