Safety and health

Safety is our priority

We put safety first. 

Looking out for each other is an essential part of our culture. It underpins everything we do and reflects our determination to keep our people, and those under our care, safe.

Our priorities are to minimise harm in workplaces, promote physical and mental health, and protect the public.

Our operating companies each drive significant safety and health programs designed to keep critical principles and behaviours front-of-mind. They also leverage data and shared experiences to identify priority areas for improvement and contribute measurably to safety and health advances in our industries.

We also work to embed a safety legacy into the assets, infrastructure and resources projects we deliver – safeguarding the people who will operate, maintain and use them into the future.

Minimising harm in workplaces

Our target is the elimination of fatalities and permanent disabilities, and the reduction of all other injuries.

To achieve our safety and health objectives, we continually focus on strengthening our risk management systems, instilling strong safety cultures and reducing the frequency and severity of injuries.

Across the Group, our risk management systems and high-risk controls systematically identify, assess and eliminate or control risks in the design, planning and implementation of our projects.

Promoting physical and mental health

Our Fit for work + Fit for life and employee assistance programs support our people while they’re building safe, rewarding and fulfilling careers with us. These programs consider the whole person, promote physical and mental health, drive a proactive approach to wellbeing and care for ourselves and others, and support access to specialist services. 

Protecting the public

Our commitment to safety and care extends to clients, partners, suppliers, communities and the wider public. We incorporate safety into design and invest in innovations that make all stages of the project lifecycle safer.

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