Ukhaa Khudag Coal Mine

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Mongolian Mining Corporation
Project dates
Mar 2008 - Ongoing
Contract type
Relationship contract
US$1.5 billion (at 30 June 2014)
Group Company
Project details

The Ukhaa Khudag Coal Mine in Mongolia’s south Gobi Desert is the most remote mine site in the Thiess* global mining portfolio.

Started from nothing in 2008, the mine is now fully established and producing high quality metallurgical coal, having undergone one of the longest mobilisation operations in the world. Due to the remote location 600 km south of Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar, the haul truck fleet had to be assembled at a border town in China and driven for three and a half days across the desert to reach the mine site. Extreme weather where severe dust storms prevail in summer, and winter temperatures routinely reach minus 40 degrees Celsius, presents significant challenges to the workforce and fleet. Successfully managing such extremes demonstrates Thiess’ capability in mobilising and operating remote mine sites and an unwavering commitment to the client and the community.

Wherever possible the team utilises the local workforce and up-skills them by providing training in operations, mine planning and supervisory roles. Thiess is responsible for all mining operations at Ukhaa Khudag Coal Mine including pit de-watering, drill and blast, removing overburden, loading and hauling coal, mine planning, engineering and fleet operation and maintenance.

*This project was originally awarded to Leighton Asia. In 2015 the mining business of CPB Contractors (previously known as Leighton Contractors), Leighton Asia and Thiess were merged and management of this project was transitioned to the CIMIC Group’s global mining company, Thiess.

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