CIMIC Group Limited management resumes

Marcelino Fernández Verdes

M Fernández Verdes Executive Chairman

Appointed Executive Chairman on 11 June 2014. Mr Fernández Verdes was CEO of the company from 13 March 2014 until 18 October 2016 and was a Non‐ executive Director from October 2012 until his appointment as CEO.

Mr Fernández Verdes has been a member of the Executive Board of HOCHTIEF AG in Essen since April 2012. In November 2012, he was appointed Chairman of the Executive Board of HOCHTIEF AG and assumed responsibility for the HOCHTIEF Asia Pacific division.

Mr Fernández Verdes studied construction engineering at the University of Barcelona and has held a variety of positions in the construction industry since 1984. In 1997, he became General Manager of ACS Proyectos, Obras y Construcciones, and then took over as Chairman and CEO in 2000. Following the merger between Grupo ACS and Grupo Dragados in 2003, Mr Fernández Verdes took office as Chairman and CEO of Dragados S.A. He served as Chairman and CEO of Construction, Environment and Concessions at ACS Actividades de Construcción y Servicios S.A. from 2006. Mr Fernández Verdes was appointed to the Executive Committee of the ACS Group in 2000, and to the Board of Directors of ACS Servicios y Concesiones, S.L. (Chairman and CEO) in 2006.

Michael Wright

M Wright Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Michael Wright, a civil engineer, is CIMIC Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director. With experience in Australia and internationally, he previously held the position of CIMIC Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer and, prior to that, CIMIC Group Executive for Mining and Mineral Processing, responsible for leading Thiess as Managing Director, and Sedgman. Mr Wright has held roles managing construction, mining and services teams, with previous executive roles including leading Thiess’ Australian Mining operations, Thiess’ Services business and CIMIC Group’s China and Mongolia business. Mr Wright joined CIMIC Group in 1998.

Stefan Camphausen

S Camphausen Chief Financial Officer

Stefan Camphausen is CIMIC Group’s Chief Financial Officer.

He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Applied Sciences in Essen, Germany and a Master of Business Administration from NIMBAS-Bradford Graduate School of Management in the Netherlands. Mr Camphausen was formerly the Chief Financial Officer of CPB Contractors and, prior to that, the Chief Financial Officer of Thiess. He formerly held roles as at CIMIC and HOCHTIEF and has experience in Australia and Europe.

Roman Garrido

R Garrido CIMIC Group Chief Safety, Strategy and Governance Officer

Roman Garrido, a civil engineer, is CIMIC Group’s Chief Safety, Strategy and Governance Officer. Mr Garrido was previously Managing Director of CPB Contractors. Prior to that he was Deputy Managing Director of John Holland. Mr Garrido has more than 24 years’ experience in engineering and construction, and a highly-regarded and successful history of strategic management, executive leadership and the development of new markets and opportunities.

George Sassine

G Sassine Executive General Manager Investment and Group Property

George Sassine is CIMIC Group’s Executive General Manager Investment and Group Property. He previously held positions within CIMIC including Executive General Manager Corporate Advisory and Group Property, and General Manager Corporate Advisory. He holds an honours degree in building from the University of NSW.

James Gough

J Gough Executive General Manager Internal Audit

James Gough is CIMIC Group’s Executive General Manager Internal Audit. He was previously Regional Manager Internal Audit at the Noble Group based in Hong Kong. Prior to that James was Head of Internal Audit at Techtronic Industries. James has a degree in Human Geography from the University of Reading and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Louise Griffiths

L S Griffiths Company Secretary BSc, BA, AGIA

Appointed Company Secretary on 22 January 2016.  Ms Griffiths was formerly the Assistant Company Secretary of the Company, having held that role since May 2011.  Ms Griffiths has a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and a Bachelor of Arts in Community Justice.  Ms Griffiths is an Associate of the Governance Institute of Australia (GIA) and holds a Graduate Diploma in Applied Corporate Governance from the GIA.  Ms Griffiths served as a member of the GIA’s New South Wales Professional Development Committee between February 2013 and September 2014.  Ms Griffiths is also the company secretary of a number of subsidiaries of CIMIC.

Lisa Interligi

Lisa Interligi L Interligi Chief Human Resources and Corporate Services Officer

Lisa Interligi is a graduate of Monash University. She holds a Doctorate in Organisational Psychology, is a member of the Australian Psychology Society and is a registered psychologist. 

Dr Interligi has worked for two decades in organisational transformation and change. Prior to joining CIMIC Group Limited, she was an executive of John Holland Group. Before joining John Holland in 2010, Dr Interligi worked for Origin Energy and Sensis, and consulted to a broad range of industries and government organsiations.  She is a published author on corporate culture.

Justin Grogan

J M Grogan J M Grogan Executive General Manager Sustainability BCom, MBA

Justin Grogan is a graduate in commerce from the University of Western Australia and has a masters of business administration from the University of Sydney. 

Mr Grogan joined the CIMIC Group in 2000 and was appointed an Executive General Manager in 2009. Mr Grogan has extensive experience in corporate affairs responsibilities including investor relations, crisis management and corporate communications.

Fiona Tyndall

F Tyndall General Manager Communications

Fiona Tyndall is CIMIC Group’s General Manager Communications. She was previously Head of Asia Pacific Communications at BlackRock in Hong Kong. Prior to that Fiona was Media Relations Manager at Macquarie Group. Fiona has a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Linguistics.

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