Safety underpins everything that we do. It is fundamental to our business: to our integrity and respecting our people; to being accountable and responsible for our performance, and the welfare of our workmates; to innovating, so that we continually improve and learn from our mistakes; and to delivery, because if we don’t deliver projects safety, we jeopardise our reputation, our financial performance and our ability to secure repeat work.

Our people, and their families, should rightly expect that their workmates, their sons and daughters, their fathers and mothers, their husbands and wives, will return home safely at the end of a day’s work. We believe that committed leadership and an uncompromising emphasis on hazard identification, risk assessment and risk management provides the cornerstone for health and safety. This is expressed and encouraged through our Policies, our health and safety expectations, and the Group’s health and safety culture.

Each of our Operating Companies is required to develop and implement management systems and practices to manage safe, sustainable and efficient operations, reflecting their unique operating environments. 

The Group continues to take every precaution to protect the health and safety of its clients and the public. A critical consideration, particularly when constructing infrastructure projects, is ensuring the safety of the general public. We are constantly assessing the workplace for health and safety risks that can place our people or the public in danger. Once the risks are identified, we work to find innovative ways to eliminate or control those risks.

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