Resource efficiency

Respect for the environment is a demonstration of the CIMIC Group's core values of integrity, accountability, innovation and delivery. We aim to continually innovate so as to improve the efficiency of the resources we use and reduce waste, thereby lowering our costs, improving our value proposition and benefitting the environment.

Managing our environmental footprint and the impacts to our operations presents both challenges and opportunities that affect our ability to bid for and deliver work. Our key environmental objective is to avoid causing any environmental degradation which has high severity impacts, or may have irreversible detrimental long term impacts, and appropriately manage all other risks to the environment across the Group's operations.

Our interactions with the environment can affect the health, well-being and prosperity of communities where we operate. These communities and other key stakeholders expect us to, wherever possible, prevent or otherwise mitigate and remediate any harmful effects from our operations. To achieve this outcome requires us to identify potential environmental hazards and risks, and to develop and implement adequate controls to eliminate or mitigate the effects of these hazards and risks should they result. By adopting a comprehensive, systematic and collective approach to hazard and risk management, and continuously monitoring and improving our performance, we ensure we remain competitive in the markets in which we operate.

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