Acting with integrity

At the CIMIC Group, integrity is one of our fundamental principles. People often define integrity as doing the right thing even when no one else is around. At CIMIC, we also believe it means being respectful and honest with ourselves, our colleagues, our clients, our suppliers, our shareholders and our other stakeholders.

At CIMIC, our approach to acting with integrity is explicitly set out in our Code of Conduct (the Code). The Code sets the foundation for everyone in the Company and outlines the standards of behaviour we expect regardless of Operating Company, role or country. 

Among other things, the Code sets out the Group’s commitment to: 

  • the health and safety of our workforce and those under our care;  
  • rejection of child and forced labour; 
  • providing a supportive and positive working environment;
  • zero tolerance for all forms of bribery and corruption including facilitation payments; 
  • dealing with gifts and hospitality; 
  • avoiding conflicts of interest and insider trading; 
  • having effective business relationships with subcontractors and other third parties;  
  • the fair and lawful treatment of personal information; 
  • respecting the environment; 
  • building relationships and working collaboratively with communities; 
  • committing to the principles of free and fair competition, and complying with all applicable national and international laws; 
  • using the assets of the Group appropriately and complying with all applicable rules, laws and regulations governing business reporting; and 
  • meeting all continuous disclosure obligations.

The Code is supported by Procedures, training modules and, a Group-wide Ethics Line (to provide an independent and safe avenue for reporting).  

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