Our Leaders


An ongoing commitment to the development of our leaders is critical to our success. The CIMIC Group encourages leaders to:

  • Consistently communicate and role model our principles and mission;
  • Demonstrate alignment to our culture and business strategy; and
  • Ensure we have a robust Group-wide approach to the way we lead at CIMIC, in order to deliver sustainable shareholder returns.


CIMIC’s policy and approach to senior executive remuneration is driven by the following remuneration principles.

  • Ensure that the senior executives are rewarded on the basis of performance measures that support the Group’s business plans and strategy and are consistent with the Group’s principles;
  • Align the interests of senior executives and shareholders by focusing on those characteristics that underpin sustainable growth in shareholder value;
  • Attract and retain key talent; and
  • Provide a balance between:
    • Fixed and performance-based, variable remuneration
    • Remuneration paid in cash and through the issue of equity; and
    • Short-term and medium-term performance horizons.

For more information on Executive Remuneration please read the Remuneration report within the 2017 Annual Report.

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