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Response to vendor security incident

CIMIC Group is amongst a number of organisations whose recruitment process may have been impacted by a security incident at human resources technology provider PageUp. CIMIC Group uses PageUp to manage job applications and candidate information.

PageUp has provided more information here.

We are treating this matter seriously and, while PageUp is conducting an investigation into the matter, we have suspended our use of their services and disabled all external users in PageUp (that is, made user accounts inactive). In addition, if you have an existing PageUp login and password, your password has been reset. Once our PageUp connection is re-established, you will be asked to nominate a new password upon logging in.

We are not currently aware of any fraudulent activity relating to anyone’s data occurring as a result of this security incident at PageUp.

However, we recommend that any person who has either applied online for a position or commenced employment with our company during recent years, please check there has been no recent unusual activity concerning their personal information and maintain a close watch on its use.

If you have any questions, you can contact your HR representative (for employees) or (for external candidates).

Please continue to search for positions with CIMIC Group via the major job sites, such as LinkedIn and SEEK.

Working with us

Our mission is to generate sustainable returns for shareholders by delivering projects for our clients while providing safe, rewarding and fulfilling careers for our people.

As a service organisation, our success is dependent on the quality of our service which is driven largely by the skills, passion and expertise of our people.

Our principles of Integrity, Accountability, Innovation and Delivery help to guide our actions, supporting us as we deliver on our mission.  Underpinning these principles is a focus on safety, which is fundamental to our business.

The CIMIC Group's workforce is project-focused, committed to the achievement of high quality standards, and gains satisfaction from meeting or beating targets. The CIMIC Group places considerable emphasis on leadership, responsibility and accountability and is committed to developing the individual skills and career paths of its employees.


We believe that people perform best when they have clearly defined goals and when they are empowered to operate and are held accountable for delivering. We believe this assists us to foster a culture of high performance.

Each of our Operating Companies has a framework for managing the performance of its people. Skill mapping against role requirements is used to identify gaps in capability, and consistently and equitably assess employee performance. Regular performance reviews facilitate the transparent discussion of employee achievement against key performance indicators and expectations.


To maintain our position as a leader in the industries where we operate, we must ensure the knowledge and expertise of our people grows. To do this we identify skill gaps, train and develop our people, and share knowledge across the Company. By doing so we improve employee attraction, retention and engagement which ensures we have the skills to execute on our strategy.

We invest in training that supports our business requirements and the development of our employees. Each of our Operating Companies conducts regular skills-based training and programs, such as technical and vocational training; and health and safety programs, to support our business requirements.


We recognise the right of our employees to freely associate and collectively bargain. We aim to fairly, consultatively and constructively engage with workers, union representatives and regulators.

Our Operating Companies are responsible on an individual basis for managing workplace relations. This approach to employee relations helps to ensure that any matters that arise on a project can be quickly identified and resolved in the field.

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