Health and Safety

The CIMIC Group is committed to the elimination of fatalities and permanent disabilities, and systematic reduction of all other injuries.

Providing a safe and healthy workplace is a core value of the CIMIC Group. A business that depends on its people must keep them safe. 

Like the clients, communities and governments with which we work, CIMIC expects health and safety to be a key aspect of our operations. Health and safety is a priority for CIMIC Group's Board and Executive Leadership Team and we continue to invest in the culture, systems and innovation that keep our people safe.

Key focus

Our health and safety focus areas aim to create a zero harm workplace. Our focus is: continuing to strengthen our health and safety risk management systems; instilling a strong safety culture; and reducing the frequency and severity of our injuries.

Effective risk management

Employees of the CIMIC Group work in high risk industries. Strong risk management systems ensure that safety is paramount and our people are able to work in all situations with minimal risk. Through our risk management systems, we aim to systematically identify, assess and control risks in the design, planning and implementation of the projects we deliver. Identified risks are eliminated or where elimination is not possible, mitigated as far as reasonably practicable through “hard” engineering controls.

A strong safety culture

Given the changing nature of our work and the diversity of our workplaces, maintaining high safety standards and awareness is essential to our people and our business. We have a safety first culture across the Group, one that does not tolerate any material safety risk. Leadership, training and communication, in addition to rigorous risk management systems, underpin our robust safety culture.

Fewer injuries, of less severity, globally

We hold ourselves to a consistently high standard of health and safety wherever we operate, regardless of the regulatory requirements and the operating environments in which we work. In order to achieve this standard we must strive to continually improve our performance.

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