Future ready

CIMIC Group is committed to operating sustainably. Leveraging our world of experience and expertise, we integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into decision-making. 

This ensures we are positioned to deliver enduring, whole-of-life value to communities and ecosystems across the lifecycle of assets, infrastructure and resources projects. Through engaging and supporting our people, and collaborating with clients and other project stakeholders, we deliver future-ready solutions.

Governance approach

At the core of our commitment to sustainability is being a trusted partner to clients, partners, suppliers, communities and wider stakeholders. Our sustainability approach is holistic and anchored in our Mission and Principles. Our Board, its committees and our governance framework, including our Code of Conduct and policies support, drive and track our sustainability approach and performance.

Reflecting our diverse disciplines, sectors and environments, each of our operating companies develops and implements systems and practices to provide safe, sustainable and efficient operations.


Our sustainability commitments are: 
  • Safety

    Putting safety first by providing safe workplaces and protecting the public.

  • Acting with integrity

    Shapes the way all CIMIC Group people work together, as well as the way we work with stakeholders.

  • Innovating

    Constantly challenge how we deliver and invest in innovation to create value.

  • Resources

    Continually improve and innovate to increase resource efficiency and reduce waste, lowering costs, creating greater value and benefitting the environment

  • Performance culture

    With our people to drive action and results. 

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