A digital path to a sustainable future

Driven by COVID-19 recovery plans, Australia is approaching a construction and infrastructure surge. But counting cranes on the skyline as a measure of our industry’s vitality is an outdated metric.

Many of the markers of our capability are increasingly in the cloud, and the measure of our value is in the sustainable outcomes we achieve for our communities.

Governments are investing in infrastructure to drive economic growth and social benefits for our cities and regions. Major projects and upgrades deliver jobs and skills. They are critical to States attracting investment in industry, technology and agribusiness. And to boosting local manufacturing, services and supply chains.

Deep recovery relies on our industry operating sustainably and innovating with digital technologies to deliver better solutions. We can and must safely increase value and productivity, embed resilience, improve environmental performance, and open our doors to inclusion and diversity.

Achieving more

Digital capability is the differentiator. Companies that understand the importance of integrating technology and data-driven decisions into every aspect of their work will contribute most to the recovery partnership. They are focusing on innovation, culture as an enabler, ESG and legacy outcomes.

Innovation - Digital Path 1

CIMIC’s early and strong investment in innovation and technology has built our leading digital capability. It has also readied us for a digital by default future.

We continue to think like a disruptor. It is our culture to challenge current practices. We value our people’s experience and innovate with emerging technologies to achieve more for our clients and communities.

Digital partnerships

We are in lock step with our clients. The Federal Government’s 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan recommends a digital by default approach. Projects will have a digital interface and seamless data flow across planning, delivery and operations – delivering the asset and its digital twin.

This federal mandate mirrors the expectations of State Governments. The Victorian Infrastructure Strategy 2021-2051 foreshadows the increasing importance for scenario planning that involves modelling options to identify the best feasible, adaptable and future ready solutions.

The New South Wales Government’s Action Plan fosters collaboration between the public and private sectors to drive quality, innovation, cost effectiveness and inclusion, for a sustainable construction sector.

Digitisation by clients and contractors underpins the knowledge sharing and collaboration necessary for sustainability. It is the key to unlocking transformative innovation and truly integrated whole-of-life infrastructure solutions.

Digital work environment

Our companies were the first in Australasia to achieve BSI Kitemark certification for Building Information Modelling (BIM) excellence to the new ISO 19650 standards series.

We manage every phase of a project’s lifecycle by linking our honed engineering processes with BIM, Geographic Information Systems, Virtual Design and Construction, Information Management, Quality Assurance and Asset Management systems.

Just some of the new technologies we are using and enhancing include Internet of Things, 4D Planning, Intelligent Earthworks, Reality Capture, Virtual and Augmented Reality, as well as automation and simulation.

Toward Integrated Digital Delivery

We are now taking connectivity further with our transition to Integrated Digital Delivery. More powerfully linking the Group’s systems, data and diverse capabilities across our companies: CPB Contractors, Leighton Asia, Broad Construction, Thiess, Sedgman, UGL, Pacific Partnerships and EIC Activities.

Integrated Digital Delivery connects digital technologies throughout the design, build, operate lifecycle of each project. It enables intelligent data to flow across specialist teams and project phases, integrating work processes and stakeholders to achieve better outcomes.

Greater digital integration also expands our ability to aggregate intelligent data from our portfolio of infrastructure, services and resources projects. With it, we can innovate and create greater value for projects and optimise our operations.

Driving integration and innovation

Key milestones in our digital journey have included establishing our unified technology function, which has reach across all of our companies, to embed innovations and digital solutions at scale.

We’ve progressed implementation of our common Project Data Structure. This is a consistent approach to coding and mapping data which enables our systems, applications and devices to communicate.

Given the breadth of our Group, we also created an Innovation Council with representatives from each of our companies. While each business has its own innovation road map, we collaborate to surface and accelerate high value innovations that benefit the Group.

Making a difference

Leveraging these advances, we continue to innovate in every lifecycle phase. Just some examples include our Active 4D Planning, Virtual Builder and pavement innovations.

Our Active 4D Planning process enables teams to build a project’s program, directly from a 3D BIM model, commencing at tender initiation. Generating the initial project program in 4D, much earlier in the tender process than current industry practice, gives teams more time to explore options and develop safer, sustainable solutions.

Virtual Builder is like a flight simulator for construction, with video game architecture. The virtual 3D environment replicates the construction site. Teams can run simulations, testing methodologies and options at every work phase to determine the best solutions. Its use improves safety and efficiency and reduces rework and wastage.

In transport infrastructure, we are the major industry partner to the Smart Pavements Australia Research Collaboration, in conjunction with Monash University. We are working to make pavements safer and more economical with a lower environmental footprint. Our sponsorship of nine innovations includes a focus on smart sensing, construction and maintenance monitoring.

Valuing our team

Our focus on culture as an enabler of innovation and digital integration greatly values our people.

Engineers, site supervisors, delivery teams and operators collaborating with technology and data science specialists is invaluable. As is the energy of our graduates, and the fresh perspectives we gain as digitisation diversifies the skill sets we need. Together, sharing CIMIC’s Principles, our people are upskilling, building rewarding careers and shaping the industry.

Meeting the challenges that count

The speed of change in digital technologies will continue and that is great news for an industry that has so much to contribute. Technology and innovation in the hands of people who are passionate about their enduring legacy is how we will meet the challenges that count. To embed safety and resilience, reduce emissions and waste, and increase productivity.

As a Group with integrated capabilities, CIMIC is on track to emerge as the market’s leading Integrated Digital Delivery, whole-of-life partner. We are extracting every advantage from our early focus and investment in digital innovation to build a stronger, sustainable future for CIMIC and the communities we serve.

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