GIS technology at work in the field

May 31, 2018
  • Innovation
  • Engineering and Infrastructure
  • Safety

EIC Activities' GIS innovation supports safe efficient civil works

EIC Activities leveraged Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology and collaborated with front line engineers delivering major road infrastructure to develop a more effective Permit to Excavate system and mitigate a common risk for civil works.

The GIS Assisted Permit to Excavate (GIS PTE) solution now provides field teams with greater access to more accurate underground utilities information – critical for safe excavation, avoiding services strikes and keeping projects on schedule.

Powerful information sharing solutions

A strength of the GIS PTE solution is its data integrity. It combines utility information from a range of sources into a single point of truth that can be updated as required and shared with multiple stakeholders.

Twelve months ago, our projects and sites across the Group were accessing 250,000 maps per week and today that figure is three million maps per week on our GIS platform.

How it works

The GIS PTE provides a single point of reference for utility and excavation permit information. Its easy-to-read excavation maps use consistent symbols, show all impacted utilities and encourage spatial thinking.

Key feature

A key GIS PTE feature is its self-service web application which allows everyone on the project, in the office and in the field, to view, search and submit excavation permits. It provides timely information, supports decision making and increases everyone’s safety.

The new online permit to excavate process supersedes paper based forms with the capability to manage, search, monitor and trace information. It is a fit for purpose tool with flexibility to suit different projects.


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