Digital engineering – a global capability

December 15, 2017
  • Engineering and Infrastructure

EIC Activities works at the forefront of digital applications and system integration.

In the past year alone EIC Activities digital engineering specialists have worked with CIMIC Group teams in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong and India – sharing their expertise and extending skills in Building Information Modelling (BIM), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Virtual Design and Construction solutions.

As a result CIMIC Group's teams are collaborating in virtual environments and are equipped to build digitally first using integrated data and technologies to measure, map, visualise and control delivery and outcomes.

Embedding accurate, faster and more efficient ways of working

In a great example, digital engineering specialists from Leighton Asia and EIC Activities are working together to streamline design and construction, optimise solutions and share learnings across the Group.

India – building on a strong digital engineering capability

Most recently, EIC Activities has been working with project teams in Leighton Asia’s operation in India to implement 4D modelling which improves schedule integrity through simulation. 4D modelling adds a time dimension to a 3D Computer Assisted Design (CAD) model, enabling teams to analyse the sequence of events on a timeline and to visualise the time it takes to complete tasks within the construction process.

Continual evolution

Leighton Asia is now moving to the next level and working with EIC Activities to embed digital engineering into business practices, standards and templates. They are also creating a virtual model of the way they construct and a virtual catalogue of the products used and built with. With these tools in place Leighton Asia can take safe, efficient and consistent processes and methodologies from site to site.

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