Meet Marineh Rahebeh - CareerSeekers intern

May 16, 2023
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Undergraduate engineer Marineh Rahebeh came to EIC Activities as part of our Group’s support for the CareerSeekers New Australian Internship Program.

The program assists refugees and asylum seekers into professional employment through work-readiness training and 12-week paid internships.

Originally from Syria, Marineh moved to Australia in 2017. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering in her fourth year at the University of Queensland.

Here, Marineh talks about her experiences of working at EIC Activities as a CareerSeekers intern.

How did you first hear about the CareerSeekers program?

My sister was enrolled in the program, and she recommended CareerSeekers to me.

This is not your first CareerSeekers internship with EIC Activities. How has your experience been different this time with the company?

I love working with EIC Activities, I am very grateful for all the opportunities they are providing. Every day I learn something new which is great.

How are you finding the transition from university life to working in a corporate office during your internship? Are you enjoying it?

Using my university knowledge and applying it in a corporate office was very interesting. I am also applying everything I have learned from the workplace to my university studies.

What have been some of the highlights so far working as an intern at EIC Activities?

I have developed my software program skills using applications such as Microstran, Autodesk Structural Bridge Design, as well as Strand7.

Helping to design a pedestrian bridge for an EIC project has been a wonderful opportunity.

What's the most important thing you have learned so far?

Asking questions whenever I am unsure of something and always remembering the big picture that I am trying to achieve and solve the problem for.

What has it been like working for EIC Activities?

I love how EIC Activities supports me and believes in me and provides me with amazing opportunities.

Going to project sites during my internship has enriched my practical experience of how engineers work in the field.

What advice do you have for other women who may be considering a career in engineering?

Believe in yourself, never be afraid to ask questions, and be passionate in what you are doing!

Find out more information about the CareerSeekers program here

* Featured in the banner image is EIC Activities’ Brisbane Structures Team L-R: Clinton Lourens (Team Leader), Padra Moua (Manager), Marina Rahebeh, Ash Ward

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