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August 06, 2019

    EIC Activities provides the CIMIC Group with engineering solutions internationally. Whether they’re in Hong Kong’s high-humidity or the below freezing temperatures of the Mongolian desert, EIC Activities are supporting teams with access to the Group’s collective engineering experience and capabilities.

    Safeguarding New Zealand

    EIC Activities Principal – New Zealand Anthony Butler provides CPB Contractors with specialist support in New Zealand, working across multiple projects to deliver critical infrastructure in locations prone to major seismic shocks.

    "A key part of the work I do in New Zealand is to partner with CPB Contractors applying seismic engineering to the critical infrastructure projects we’re delivering. This assists in ensuring the works and local community can be protected against future earthquake events," said Anthony.

    Optimising Mongolian operations

    In the Gobi Desert, EIC Activities assisted Thiess on its Oyu Tolgoi Boxcut and Decline Project, optimising ventilation for drill and blast construction of twin 6.5km declines. The team participated in value engineering meetings with selected vendors, and assured technical system compliance and the introduction of design enhancements. The solution reduced fan power (50%), heating (20%), and ensured capital cost remained to budget.

    "On my recent trip to Mongolia, I was humbled by how many people assisted me with translation. It really showed a smile is a universal language," said EIC Activities Senior Engineer – Electrical Graham Buckley. 

    Value engineering in Hong Kong

    EIC Activities assisted Leighton Asia on its Tsueng Kwan O – Lam Tin Tunnel project in Hong Kong, reviewing the project’s rock quality assessment, temporary tunnel support design and the proposed drill and blast tunnelling methodology for the 2.2km dual two-lane highway tunnel. Improvements to the drill and blast methodology were identified in overbreak allowances, blasting pull efficiency, sequencing and ventilation – increasing savings and mitigating risk.

    "Geotechnical conditions in Hong Kong bring technical challenges. Fortunately, CIMIC Group has great people on the frontline that are more than ready to take it on," said EIC Activities Associate Principal – Geotechnical Jason Surjadinata.

    Connect with field-experts

    The EIC Activities team is flexible and mobile. Specialists work with teams at every phase – from pre-bid, tender, project establishment, through to delivery and long-term asset management. The team often works electronically across regions, or as embedded team members.

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