Innovation and Integrated Digital Delivery

Our Innovation and Integrated Digital Delivery strategy is pivotal to achieving our sustainability goals and emission targets. It is a step-change for our business, and the construction and services industries. Powerfully connecting our capabilities, systems and intelligent data assets accelerates innovation, informs insights and improves outcomes for clients and our operations – expanding what we achieve for a sustainable future.

Our growing portfolio of case studies, articles, and features provides insights on how we are:

  • Designing, building and operating better: Recognised internationally as a digital engineering leader, we are continually innovating with emerging technologies, visually dynamic platforms, and systems integration.
  • Improving lifecycle performance: Our proprietary new technologies, developed inhouse, are improving delivery and lifecycle performance on our projects and achieving more sustainable outcomes.
  • Developing new solutions: Our cutting-edge research and rigorous development process is generating new ideas, testing prototypes and taking new solutions into implementation to meet current and future requirements. 
  • Collaborating with partners: We’re working with our clients, universities, and industry bodies to advance research and development and bring better solutions to industry practice.

Connecting people, projects and ideas

In conjunction with our cyber security and confidentiality controls, we’ve developed a consistent approach to coding and mapping data. With our common Project Data Structure we have the key to access and connect all data sources, create new linkages, analyse cause and effect relationships, and manage greater complexity.

We are equipped to securely share intelligent data, collaborate and integrate workflows across our capabilities and project lifecycle phases.

Throughout delivery, project teams can use digital tools to capture progress and resource usage in real time, allowing them to easily compare planned to actual time and cost performance. Our digital approach creates a dynamic data rich virtual environment that provides greater foresight and supports better decision making. It enables our teams to safely and efficiently transform ideas to reality, providing operators and clients with exceptional physical and digital assets.

Aggregated data and learnings from our project portfolios accelerate innovation, and provide unmatched insights for clients and our business operations.

On the horizon

Bringing rich data sources together in useable intelligent formats expands our digital solution and delivery capability.

We can more efficiently assess and learn from experience and analyse climate, geographic, population and economic data, alongside sector and technical modelling.

Data capacity and analysis on this scale enables us to accurately simulate concept, design and delivery options, and demonstrate their sustainability benefits and impacts at every lifecycle phase.

IDD opens collaboration, informs client decisions, supports safe and efficient delivery, and expands what we achieve together for a sustainable future.

Underpinning innovation and success

Our transition to IDD is underway, with key enablers in place to support progress:
  • Digital work environment

    A mature digital capability. We have set benchmarks in BSI Kitemark ISO 19650 BIM certification and GIS technologies. Our extensive digital toolset includes Intelligent Earthworks, Reality Capture, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, and automation.

  • EIC Activities

    Our engineering and technical services business is an in-house partner, digital catalyst and innovation champion.

  • ONE IT

    Our unified ICT function. The right people, processes and technologies in place to connect the Group.

  • Open networking

    Our Innovation Influencers network and activities dynamically engage our people. This fosters collaboration on cutting edge ideas and technologies, to change how we work and grow the legacy we contribute to a changing industry and our planet.

  • Project Data Structure

    A common data structure to link digital systems and unlock data.

  • Strategy framework

    An empowered network of leaders across our Operating Companies drive our innovation and IDD strategy, surfacing and funding innovations aligned to sustainable business priorities and supporting them from ideation to implementation.

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