Read how EIC Activities is adding value to CIMIC Group’s road and rail projects.

Working with Leighton Asia

Tseung Kwan O – Lam Tin Tunnel – Hong Kong

Challenge  Value engineering

Solution EIC Activities reviewed the project’s rock quality assessment, temporary tunnel support design and the proposed drill and blast tunnelling methodology. Improvements to the drill and blast methodology were identified in overbreak allowances, blasting pull efficiency, sequencing and ventilation – increasing savings and mitigating risk.

Tseung Kwan O Lam Tin Tunnel Hong Kong

Working with CPB Contractors

Torrens Road to River Torrens Project – Adelaide, Australia

Challenge  Rail design management

Solution  EIC Activities managed rail safety design for a rail over road grade separation by mapping the Rail Engineering Assurance process to the project’s road design and engineering management processes. EIC Activities also narrowed the structure’s proposed design by 1.8m securing significant savings in materials and installation costs.

Working with Leighton Asia

Rapid transit rail line package tender – Singapore

Challenge  Construction ventilation system

Solution  EIC Activities’ concept design addressed ventilation requirements for top-down excavation methodology and multiple closed tunnel sections. A series of off-the-shelf, self-contained systems addressed requisites for minimum velocity, pollutant control and temperature control and provided flexibility for re-purposing the systems throughout the construction sequence.

Working with CPB Contractors

Transmission Gully – New Zealand

Challenge  Assessment of design adequacy

Solution  EIC Activities provided a detailed review of the geotechnical model used for embankment stability and deformation analysis, including assumptions about the groundwater table and soil strength parameters. Findings agreed with the project’s expected settlement conditions, and demonstrated the adequacy of the project’s design and risk mitigation methods for the client.

Working with CPB Contractors

Sydney Metro Northwest (Tunnels and Civil Works) – Sydney, Australia

Challenge  Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) removal at Epping

Solution  EIC Activities’ methodology used a 500t mobile crane and a steel cradle with a pin connection to move the 700t TBM 50m across the station box floor and rotate it 50 degrees. The move was completed in one shift, eliminating the costs of a second crane and a piled crane foundation and avoided scrapping the TBM.

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