TobeMaps - Augmented Reality

TobeMaps takes design into the field. Developed by EIC Activities, in collaboration with CPB Contractors and Leighton Asia, the solution uses augmented reality technology to overlay a 3D digital design onto the real world. The digital model remains anchored as team members walk around, using mobile phones or tablets to share the visualisation. 


Our challenge was how to support construction teams to understand what needs to be built on site and de-risk the activity.


By allowing field personnel access to rich 3D information from BIM overlayed on its construction location, the TobeMaps augmented reality app increases communication efficiency. This increases safety and productivity by reducing any potential misinterpretation of the design or plan. 

Onsite, TobeMaps gives users easy access to the building information model to compare planned versus actual progress or locate underground utilities before excavation. 


The benefits of TobeMaps for Site Engineers & Supervisors include: 

  • Reduction in Surveyor time needed to set out for planning
  • Higher level construction planning
  • Identification of Site Constraints using visual means
  • Identification of Existing Utilities and their indicative location
  • Stakeholder (Client) and Subcontractor engagement
  • Scope checking for services, visual check of complex systems that all services are installed


The TobeMaps pilot application is currently deployed to a small number of projects across CPB and Leighton Asia. Following our rigorous innovation development process, the data and feedback collected during the pilot will be used to build the production application (Release 1) during Q3 and Q4 of 2022.

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