Toka Tindung Gold Mine

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Project dates
May 2010 - Feb 2016
Contract type
Schedule of rates
US$173 million (at 30 June 2012)
Group Company
Leighton Asia
Project details

Leighton Asia has been awarded a contract to take on the role as the main contractor at the Toka Tindung Gold Mine in North Sulawasi. Toka Tindung Mine is located approximately 35km to the north east of Manado City in rolling foothills above the coast at elevation 200m above sea level. The closest port is Bitung and the closest village is Likupang.

The project involves all mining activities including initial civil structures such as tailing storage facility (TST) and river diversions, clearing areas for mining, drill and blast, load and haul both waste and ore with 5 fleets of 80 tonne excavators and accompanying 40 tonne ADT trucks.

After the initial equipment and personnel mobilisation, infrastructure establishment, clearing and haul road preparation, mining commenced in the Toka Pit in June 2010. Construction on the tailing storage facility started in July 2010 after completion of under drainage.

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