MSJ Coal Mine

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PT Mahakam Sumber Jaya/TANITO Coal
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Project dates
Jun 2010 - Mar 2016
Contract type
Schedule of rates
US$1.3 billion (at 30 June 2014)
Group Company
Leighton Asia
Project details

Leighton Asia* has been operating at the MSJ coal mine since 2004, when it signed an initial three-year contract. The scope of work for the extension has been increased since August 2007, requiring Leighton to produce almost eight million tonnes of coal over a three-year period.

Leighton Asia is responsible for the open cut mining of coal at the MSJ coal mine. The scope of work includes the removal of overburden, the loading and transportation of coal from the mine site to the port, and maintenance of the mine’s haul road. The extension will require two additional truck and shovel fleets and associated support equipment.

TANITOcoal has constructed a coal processing and barge loading facility on the Mahakam River. The mine is part of TANITO coal’s expansion plans and is located approximately one and a half hours drive from Samarinda, East Kalimantan on the northern side of the river.

PT Tanito Harum is one of Indonesia’s first private coal mining companies. The company has been operating for more than 20 years and is currently producing over three million tonnes of coal per annum from its other mines in East Kalimantan.

*As of 9 April 2009, operational responsibility for Leighton International's Indonesian activities were transferred to Leighton Asia to better align the geography of the market with the management of the Group's operations in Asia.

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