Express Rail Link - Contract 822

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MTR Corporation
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Project dates
Mar 2010 - May 2015
Contract type
Construct only
US$583 million (at 30 June 2014)
Group Company
Leighton Asia
Project details

Leighton Asia has secured a contract to construct the Tse Uk Tsuen to Shek Yam section of the Guangzhou – Shenzhen – Hong Kong Express Rail Link (XRL). Awarded by MTR Corporation Limited, the XLR is a cross boundary transport project which will provide high speed rail services between Hong Kong and China.

Leighton Asia will construct the 7.65-kilometre long section between Tse Uk Tsuen and Shek Yam. This includes constructing tunnels and ventilation buildings, including 5.08 kilometres of twin-track tunnels, a pair of single-track tunnels, ventilation buildings at Shing Mun and Pat Heung as well as temporary magazines for the safe storage of explosives at Tai Shu Ha and So Kwun Wat.

To reduce wastage and the impact on the environment, Leighton Asia will process excavated rock for use in a drainage layer under the invert of the tunnel instead of re-importing drainage material and removing excavated rock.​​​

Upon completion, the XRL will provide the strategic link for Hong Kong to the comprehensive high-speed rail network in mainland China.

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