Foxleigh Coal Mine

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Foxleigh Mining Pty Limited
Project dates
Dec 1999 - Mar 2003
Contract type
Construction of mining infrastructure and mining
$114 million (at 31 December 2002)
Group Company
Project details

The Foxleigh open-cut coal mine, located in the Bowen Basin, is one of only a handful of mines of its kind in Australia. Foxleigh’s very low ash coal was ideally suited to the pulverised coal injection process (PCI) commonly used in steel making and was exported to markets including Japan, Europe and South America.

The mine, owned by the Foxleigh Joint Venture was mined by Thiess Pty Ltd in partnership with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commercial Development Corporation (CDC) under a life-of-mine contract. Coal production at the new site began in January 2000, less than two years after the first exploration holes were drilled. The record mine construction schedule included over 16km of haul road and 6km of access road and was completed in less than 50 days.

A key initiative of the Foxleigh project was the relationship between Thiess and CDC. The two organisations joined forces to maximise training and employment opportunities for indigenous people residing in the surrounding community and put to good use the $1.6 million allocated by the Foxleigh Joint Venture for training programs. These programs focused on equipping indigenous people with nationally recognised qualifications in the Black Coal Training Packages.

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