Our operating model focuses our skills, experience and expertise into dedicated businesses delivering services in construction, contract mining, mineral processing, pubic private partnerships and engineering. CIMIC Group is comprised of the following core businesses:

  • CPB Contractors, incorporating Leighton Asia – a leading international construction contractor;
  • Thiess – a global contract miner;
  • Sedgman - a global mineral processing specialist;
  • UGL - a leading provider of end-to-end engineering, construction and maintenance services;
  • Pacific Partnerships – a developer and investor in Public Private Partnerships projects built by CIMIC’s operating companies and a provider of operation and maintenance services to clients; and
  • EIC Activities – our internal engineering and consultancy, providing specialist design, technical support and research and technology.

CIMIC also has a 45% investment in the Habtoor Leighton Group, a 59.11% investment in Devine and a 50% investment in Ventia.

CIMIC Group has developed world class capabilities in construction, contract mining, mineral processing, PPPs and engineering. These capabilities are in demand throughout the Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and South America. The opportunities in these markets and geographies continue to be the main drivers of demand for the Group.

The Group's focus is on improving project delivery (with a clear focus on cash, profitability and sustainability) and on the development of its PPP business. In addition, the Group analyses M&A market opportunities.

The pipeline of urban infrastructure projects in Australia remains high, underpinning demand for the Group’s construction and contract mining expertise. In the near‐term, a firm level of work in hand will provide a solid base of revenue.

The opportunities in our markets and geographies will continue to be the primary drivers of demand for the Group. CIMIC will also look to expand into other countries, for example by exporting its contract mining skills into North and South America, an initiative that has already commenced with the recent award of mining services for the Encuentro Oxides open pit copper mine in Chile. The Group may also consider making investments in local companies to support its expansion.

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