Board and committees

CIMIC Group Board

Our Board is responsible to shareholders for our long term performance and for overseeing the implementation of the highest standards of corporate governance. CIMIC Group has a governance framework which delegates functions to Board Committees and senior management, under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer. Whilst ultimate accountability rests with the Board, the framework ensures that functions are carried out by the most appropriate person or group and provides a tiered system of responsibility and accountability. Click here to review the Board charters.

Audit and Risk Committee

Chairman - Russell Chenu

Peter-Wilhelm Sassenfeld, Kathryn Spargo

Remuneration and Nomination Committee

Chair - Kathryn Spargo

Russell Chenu, Pedro López Jiménez, José-Luis del Valle Pérez

Ethics, Compliance and Sustainability Committee

Chair - Kathryn Spargo

Russell Chenu, José-Luis del Valle Pérez, Pedro López Jiménez, David Robinson

Continuous Disclosure Committee

Disclosure Officer and Chairman - Emilio Grande

Disclosure Officer - Juan Santamaria

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