Re-using and recycling materials on the Parramatta Light Rail project

June 17, 2020
  • Sustainability

CPB Contractors is committed to effective environmental management and develops plans to identify ways to lessen any impacts.


On the Parramatta Light Rail project, CPB Contractors and its joint venture partner are focused on the environmentally responsible re-use of materials.


The project will re-use more than 11,000 metres of AS60 rails, 12,000 sleepers and 8,000 cubic metres of ballast that were removed from the original single-track T6 Carlingford Line. 


In total, the re-use of these materials will help to reduce the project’s carbon dioxide output by more than 3,500 tonnes.



Since major construction commenced, the team has successfully removed all overheard wires, signal boxes, electrical components, sleepers, ballast and track.


The project will be able to re-use more than:

  • 60% of the removed AS60 rails,
  • 90% of the removed sleepers; and
  • 50% of the removed ballast.

The ballast will be stockpiled, washed and rescreened to meet specifications for the new Parramatta Light Rail. 



The materials that cannot be re-used on the new Parramatta Light Rail will be recycled with remaining rail sent to a metal recycler and remaining sleepers sent to concrete recyclers. The remaining ballast will be re-used on-site as much as possible. 



The Parramatta Light Rail team were also able to assist in rebuilding vital rail infrastructure in the Blue Mountains after it was damaged by recent bushfires. Most of the overhead wires and signalling components that were removed from the T6 Carlingford Line have now been sent to the Blue Mountains where they will be re-used in the repair works. 


About the Parramatta Light Rail:


This project’s essential delivery will connect Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia, with a 12-kilometre two-way track. Services will begin in 2023.  

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